Mark 14:53-65, An Examination

Developing a Taste for Dramatic Flair: Understanding Dramatic Elements in the Gospel of Mark By JT Martin Introduction Mark’s Gospel is one of the most memorable New Testament books, this is likely due to the author’s skill with storytelling1. Unlike its contemporaries Matthew and Luke, the Gospel of Mark is unique in that it employsContinue reading “Mark 14:53-65, An Examination”

The Role of Suffering in Redemptive History

This was written for submission to the RELI 3304 course at Southern Methodist University by Student, JT Martin, who is also the sole contributor to this blog. It is impossible to understand the role of redemption in the relationship between God and humanity if one neglects to consider the role of suffering in the historyContinue reading “The Role of Suffering in Redemptive History”

The Preservation of Orthodox Christianity

This is an extremely delicate problem, as many who enter into the preservation of orthodoxy from an apologetic background have a tendency to fight for the preservation of their specific tradition rather than that of all traditions within the scope of orthodox Christianity. These methods are meant to be used within the context of discourseContinue reading “The Preservation of Orthodox Christianity”