JT is an individual who is passionate about educating and encouraging Christians to not only know what they believe, but also be able to articulate why they believe it and communicate how their beliefs have impacted them on the personal level.

Young adults actively engage best with other young adults. Why not hire one for your next YA event?

Public Speaking

Defending the Christian Faith from challenges from within and without the Church body. JT is a dynamic speaker with growing expertise in Apologetics, Church History, and Discipleship. He is the host of the In Step With God Podcast, and a research analyst with CBMC DFW.


Individual and group coaching sessions utilizing Scripture, the 5 love languages, Clifton Strengths-Finder, and The Big 5 personality profiles.

When you know who God created you to be, what you excel at, what you are uniquely capable of doing, and what recharges you it is easier to transform your career into one that energizes your Faith and Life and positively impacts the people around you.