Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond

Book Review JT Martin  Originally turned into Dr. Madison Grace for SYST 3073 OX at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary June 20, 2022 Blaising, Craig A., Kenneth L. Gentry Jr., and Robert B. Strimple. 1999. Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond. Edited by Stan N. Gundry and Darrell L. Bock. Zondervan Counterpoints Series. Grand Rapids,Continue reading “Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond”

Who is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person

Book Review JT Martin Originally turned into Dr. Madison Grace for SYST 3073 OX at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary June 24, 2022 Bibliographical Entry Yarnell, Malcolm B., and Heath A. Thomas. 2019. Who Is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic. 160 pp. $20.00 Biographical Sketch of the Author Dr. MalcomContinue reading “Who is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person”

Rise of The Servant Kings Review

In Rise of the Servant Kings Ken Harrison offers the Christian world an immense tool for the reclaiming of Biblical Manhood and Husbandhood. It is filled with visceral stories of real-life that teach equally visceral lessons about the struggles of the modern man with his created purpose and nature. Filled to the brim with solidContinue reading “Rise of The Servant Kings Review”

Apologetics and Spiritual Formation

This topic has been something that I have wrestled with for 10 months at this point. From November of 2020 through September of 2021. Apologetics has been near and dear to my heart practically since the beginning of my pursuit of Christ at the age of 16. The field of apologetics has been intimately involvedContinue reading “Apologetics and Spiritual Formation”

Suggested Literature: Studying Mark

Hearing the Whole Story by Richard Horsley The Liberated Gospel by Gilbert Bilezikian Sowing the Gospel by Mary Ann Tolbert Mark: An Introduction and Study Guide by Abraham W. Smith Thomas C. Oden, “Jesus Before The Sanhedrin”, in Ancient Christian Commentary On Scripture: Mark, Second. Thomas C. Oden, (Intervarsity Press, 07-08-2005). Smith, S., 1995. AContinue reading “Suggested Literature: Studying Mark”

Richard Horsley and Markhan Scholarship

As I begin working on a short apologetics commentary on Mark 1:1-13, I thought it important to supply some essays which address various elements of the Scholarship that the Commentary is supported by. This essay/book summary was composed for the 7302 course on Koine Greek at Perkins Theological Seminary. JT MartinGR 7302Dr. Abraham Smith10/15/2020 Dr.Continue reading “Richard Horsley and Markhan Scholarship”

On Latter Day Saints: A Reflection

On the weekend of September 11th 2021, I was fortunate enough to attend the Unapologetic Evangelism Conference put on by the Texas Baptists and hosted by Woodridge Baptist Church. While there I was able to learn several new things on which other entires will be written, but this entry is focused on what I haveContinue reading “On Latter Day Saints: A Reflection”

Grace and Sin in the pursuit of Christian Uniformity

Let me first begin by admitting that what follows is purely from my own mind, in the sense that this is a reflection and attempt to express an explanation for the inner workings of my own mental processes on the topic at hand. While there may be literature on the topic I am not intentionallyContinue reading “Grace and Sin in the pursuit of Christian Uniformity”

Discipleship In a Post-Modern Context

Let me begin from the outset of this article by saying that this is by no means the law of the land when it comes to the topic. These are some thoughts and reflections after having discipled my peers and younger students for 3 years in a college and high school context. 1. Discipleship isContinue reading “Discipleship In a Post-Modern Context”

Kamala Harris and the Jezebel Comparison

 In recent weeks I have seen a comparison between Jezebel (arguably the most evil Character in Scripture aside from Satan) and Kamala Harris floating around. What follows is my best attempt to fairly, and scripturally examine this comparison, and the perspective we ought to have about looking up to political leaders in our world.  1.Continue reading “Kamala Harris and the Jezebel Comparison”