Foundations For Life

“You become what you give your attention to”- Epictetus Originally, this post was going to be focused on an idea I brought up in my second reflection on the Spirit of Early Christian Thought, however, after having a rather long conversation with my wonderful editor and close friend, I realized that this post would serveContinue reading “Foundations For Life”

Loving and Hating the Church

What comes in this post is an idea I’ve wrestled with since my first exposure to the scathing rebukes of Contemporary Christianity found in the works of A.W. Tozer, Leanord Ravenhill, G.K. Chesterton, and several others. Throughout history, the most scathing and aggressive commentators on the flaws of the Body of Christ in each eraContinue reading “Loving and Hating the Church”

Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation

In Phillip Johnson’s forward to “Total Truth” by Nancy Pearcy, he writes “that understanding how worldviews are formed, and how they guide or confine thought, is the essential step toward understanding everything else.” In this very specific sense, worldviews are an integral component of epistemology, a field of Philosophy dedicated to the theory of knowledgeContinue reading “Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation”

Compelled, Convinced, and Changed

The Following Musings are inspired by the work of Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation in the first chapter of their book “Compelled by Love” I think most Evangelicals, conservative and progressive alike, would agree with me in saying that the love of Christ ought to compel me towards some end, convince me of some thing,Continue reading “Compelled, Convinced, and Changed”

Grace and Sin in the pursuit of Christian Uniformity

Let me first begin by admitting that what follows is purely from my own mind, in the sense that this is a reflection and attempt to express an explanation for the inner workings of my own mental processes on the topic at hand. While there may be literature on the topic I am not intentionallyContinue reading “Grace and Sin in the pursuit of Christian Uniformity”