Purposeful Piety

“Thy will be done” these four words capture something primitive. They do not contain the Majestic anthem of our Lord “Holy, Holy, Holy”, nor do they contain the command of peace and stillness “Be still and know that I am God”, they even do not hint at the wondrous mystery of “I Am”, and yetContinue reading “Purposeful Piety”

Small Groups and Christian Thought

This weekend’s literature has primarily included a review of Wesleyan Small Group practices, Oswald Sanders’ Spiritual Discipleship, and the foundations of Christian Thought.  I am struck, as though by lightning, as I reflect upon what I have read yesterday and today regarding the nature of Christian Thought and Life. Of first importance is to acknowledgeContinue reading “Small Groups and Christian Thought”

Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work

God used a flat tire to teach me about leadership, action, and obedience. I changed my tire for the first time on the shoulder of I-35 heading north towards Dallas, Texas. I had spent the day at Liberty Hill Baptist Church for the 2021 Defending Your Faith conference. Matt Baker, a dear friend, and fellowContinue reading “Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work”

The Christian’s Joy

Joy is something that has always been a rather elusive concept both cognitively and experientially for me. Cognitively it has always seemed that it was something that people experienced but couldn’t describe in any meaningful or conceptual manner, it seemed as though Joy was something limited to experiential reality and had no place in beingContinue reading “The Christian’s Joy”

American Theology

Over the years, I’ve heard dozens of stories about the after-effects of intense persecution and for the most part, they have unfortunately left me un-phased and unchallenged. This year I took up the challenge to read as many of A. W. Tozer’s works as I could, and while several other authors joined the reading list,Continue reading “American Theology”

Thinking Well and Acting Slow

We live in a culture where going slow is seen as a negative, or at least that’s the way it feels. Busy isn’t just an adjective that describes most peoples schedules. Busy is something that a lot of people breathe. Being busy is something that has become second nature and it’s almost like we haveContinue reading “Thinking Well and Acting Slow”

Rehashing Piety in the Modern World

On April 20th, of the year 2020, I began a journey through the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin. Today is July 9th of the year 2021. My perspective on the meaning of piety has changed more in the past year than in the preceding years. Over the past year, Calvin’s insights alongsideContinue reading “Rehashing Piety in the Modern World”

Compelled, Convinced, and Changed

The Following Musings are inspired by the work of Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation in the first chapter of their book “Compelled by Love” I think most Evangelicals, conservative and progressive alike, would agree with me in saying that the love of Christ ought to compel me towards some end, convince me of some thing,Continue reading “Compelled, Convinced, and Changed”

Who is JT, Why is he doing this?

I am a young professional working towards expertise in Historical Theology, Christian Apologetics, and Moral Philosophy. I am passionate about educating and encouraging curious Christians. Why the new website?  I realized that I needed to develop a more comprehensive and streamlined platform for my thoughts, research, and services.  Why am I Passionate about reaching andContinue reading “Who is JT, Why is he doing this?”