The Distinct Obligations of a University Pastor

The Distinct Obligations of the University Pastor Youth Pastor, Young Adults Pastor, College Pastor, Campus Minister, and University Chaplain, these are the titles most frequently utilized to cover the branch of ministry in which undergraduate students may be typically located. However, there is little consideration of the varying undergraduate contexts that such a pastoral positionContinue reading “The Distinct Obligations of a University Pastor”

Scripture, Holiness, and Ritual

This is a synthesis of my observations emanating from the contemplation of numerous texts over the past 12 months. The Foundation of Faith: Scriptures to be considered: 1 Corinthians 15; 2 Peter 1:1-4; Romans 8:1-11 The Death and Resurrection of Christ is the foundation of the Christian Religion. The task of the Disciple is notContinue reading “Scripture, Holiness, and Ritual”

Spirit of Early Christian Thought Pt. 3

In this installment of the series on Robert Wilken’s “The Spirit of Early Christian Thought, ” we will be exploring a key quote from chapter 2 which is titled: An Awesome and Unbloody Sacrifice. “The Liturgy provided a kind of grammar of Christian speech, a key to how the words of the Bible are toContinue reading “Spirit of Early Christian Thought Pt. 3”

Foundations For Life

“You become what you give your attention to”- Epictetus Originally, this post was going to be focused on an idea I brought up in my second reflection on the Spirit of Early Christian Thought, however, after having a rather long conversation with my wonderful editor and close friend, I realized that this post would serveContinue reading “Foundations For Life”

Navigating Moral Disgust

Maybe, just maybe, there is some way to faithfully walk through the chaotic storm of emotions and thoughts that come with the feeling of disgust, especially moral disgust. That horrible storm of pseudo-guilt, sorrow, anger, bitterness, frustration, outrage, and above all the soul-splitting disquiet that rages up from the depths of our emotional being whenContinue reading “Navigating Moral Disgust”

Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology

This post is an introduction to the ideas and thoughts I have developed as a potential hypothesis for my masters work and research. Preface: This is not the full articulation of my thoughts, this is a hypothesis that has had very little active research put into it. If any of my thoughts seem to reflectContinue reading “Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology”

Purposeful Piety

“Thy will be done” these four words capture something primitive. They do not contain the Majestic anthem of our Lord “Holy, Holy, Holy”, nor do they contain the command of peace and stillness “Be still and know that I am God”, they even do not hint at the wondrous mystery of “I Am”, and yetContinue reading “Purposeful Piety”

Small Groups and Christian Thought

This weekend’s literature has primarily included a review of Wesleyan Small Group practices, Oswald Sanders’ Spiritual Discipleship, and the foundations of Christian Thought.  I am struck, as though by lightning, as I reflect upon what I have read yesterday and today regarding the nature of Christian Thought and Life. Of first importance is to acknowledgeContinue reading “Small Groups and Christian Thought”

Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work

God used a flat tire to teach me about leadership, action, and obedience. I changed my tire for the first time on the shoulder of I-35 heading north towards Dallas, Texas. I had spent the day at Liberty Hill Baptist Church for the 2021 Defending Your Faith conference. Matt Baker, a dear friend, and fellowContinue reading “Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work”