Contemporary Donatism: A Heretical Response to Scandal in the Church

When I first sat down to pen this article in March of 2021, it was in the midst of a wave of scandal breaking out from the evangelical church. While it is beautiful to see the truth coming to light, I am admittedly troubled as a historian and student of our ancient fathers. One ofContinue reading “Contemporary Donatism: A Heretical Response to Scandal in the Church”

Rehashing Piety in the Modern World

On April 20th, of the year 2020, I began a journey through the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin. Today is July 9th of the year 2021. My perspective on the meaning of piety has changed more in the past year than in the preceding years. Over the past year, Calvin’s insights alongsideContinue reading “Rehashing Piety in the Modern World”

The Role of Suffering in Redemptive History

This was written for submission to the RELI 3304 course at Southern Methodist University by Student, JT Martin, who is also the sole contributor to this blog. It is impossible to understand the role of redemption in the relationship between God and humanity if one neglects to consider the role of suffering in the historyContinue reading “The Role of Suffering in Redemptive History”