Navigating Moral Disgust

Maybe, just maybe, there is some way to faithfully walk through the chaotic storm of emotions and thoughts that come with the feeling of disgust, especially moral disgust. That horrible storm of pseudo-guilt, sorrow, anger, bitterness, frustration, outrage, and above all the soul-splitting disquiet that rages up from the depths of our emotional being whenContinue reading “Navigating Moral Disgust”

Commentary on Mark 1:1

Presuppositions about the Gospel of Mark: These remarks are all founded on the theory first put forward by Gilbert Bilezikian and expanded upon during my research into Mark 14:53-65: that the Gospel of Mark is best understood as a literary tragedy which is composed of biographical information collected from the eyewitnesses of the life andContinue reading “Commentary on Mark 1:1”

Reflections on Genesis 6:3

Genesis 6:3 “Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” To dig into this with any substance, I think it is worthwhile to provide a recent commentary note found in the CSB Study Bible that paintsContinue reading “Reflections on Genesis 6:3”

Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation

In Phillip Johnson’s forward to “Total Truth” by Nancy Pearcy, he writes “that understanding how worldviews are formed, and how they guide or confine thought, is the essential step toward understanding everything else.” In this very specific sense, worldviews are an integral component of epistemology, a field of Philosophy dedicated to the theory of knowledgeContinue reading “Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation”

Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology

This post is an introduction to the ideas and thoughts I have developed as a potential hypothesis for my masters work and research. Preface: This is not the full articulation of my thoughts, this is a hypothesis that has had very little active research put into it. If any of my thoughts seem to reflectContinue reading “Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology”

5 Reflections on the Great Divorce

In my participation with Southern Methodist University’s Center For Faith and Learning, as a second year Faith and Learning Scholar, I read, discussed, reflected, and ruminated upon C. S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”. What follows beyond this brief introduction are 5 thoughts with accompanying commentary that capture my reflections on The Great Divorce. Thought 1:Continue reading “5 Reflections on the Great Divorce”

Apologetics and its Effects on Early Stages of Faith

Earlier this summer I asked my good friend Blake Wallace to answer the question of how apologetics had impacted his early years as a Christian. This was his response: I would consider my conversion to Christianity a unique experience. I was not evangelized to by men but rather by God through the Word. Therefore, IContinue reading “Apologetics and its Effects on Early Stages of Faith”

Contemporary Donatism: A Heretical Response to Scandal in the Church

When I first sat down to pen this article in March of 2021, it was in the midst of a wave of scandal breaking out from the evangelical church. While it is beautiful to see the truth coming to light, I am admittedly troubled as a historian and student of our ancient fathers. One ofContinue reading “Contemporary Donatism: A Heretical Response to Scandal in the Church”

Rehashing Piety in the Modern World

On April 20th, of the year 2020, I began a journey through the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin. Today is July 9th of the year 2021. My perspective on the meaning of piety has changed more in the past year than in the preceding years. Over the past year, Calvin’s insights alongsideContinue reading “Rehashing Piety in the Modern World”

Mark 14:53-65, An Examination

Developing a Taste for Dramatic Flair: Understanding Dramatic Elements in the Gospel of Mark By JT Martin Introduction Mark’s Gospel is one of the most memorable New Testament books, this is likely due to the author’s skill with storytelling1. Unlike its contemporaries Matthew and Luke, the Gospel of Mark is unique in that it employsContinue reading “Mark 14:53-65, An Examination”