On Latter Day Saints: A Reflection

On the weekend of September 11th 2021, I was fortunate enough to attend the Unapologetic Evangelism Conference put on by the Texas Baptists and hosted by Woodridge Baptist Church. While there I was able to learn several new things on which other entires will be written, but this entry is focused on what I haveContinue reading “On Latter Day Saints: A Reflection”

American Theology

Over the years, I’ve heard dozens of stories about the after-effects of intense persecution and for the most part, they have unfortunately left me un-phased and unchallenged. This year I took up the challenge to read as many of A. W. Tozer’s works as I could, and while several other authors joined the reading list,Continue reading “American Theology”

Shane Degan: Missionary to America.

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ubvfs-10d4240 In this special episode, I am joined by Shane Degan to discuss his testimony and perspective on Christianity in America vs Christianity in Australia. God took us on some critical rabbit trails and I’m excited to see how our discussion benefits everyone.  For more from Shane check out: https://jesuslovesamerica.com 

Apologetics and its Effects on Early Stages of Faith

Earlier this summer I asked my good friend Blake Wallace to answer the question of how apologetics had impacted his early years as a Christian. This was his response: I would consider my conversion to Christianity a unique experience. I was not evangelized to by men but rather by God through the Word. Therefore, IContinue reading “Apologetics and its Effects on Early Stages of Faith”