Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation

In Phillip Johnson’s forward to “Total Truth” by Nancy Pearcy, he writes “that understanding how worldviews are formed, and how they guide or confine thought, is the essential step toward understanding everything else.” In this very specific sense, worldviews are an integral component of epistemology, a field of Philosophy dedicated to the theory of knowledgeContinue reading “Worldviews and Racial Reconciliation”

Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology

This post is an introduction to the ideas and thoughts I have developed as a potential hypothesis for my masters work and research. Preface: This is not the full articulation of my thoughts, this is a hypothesis that has had very little active research put into it. If any of my thoughts seem to reflectContinue reading “Thoughts, Emotions, and Theology”

Purposeful Piety

“Thy will be done” these four words capture something primitive. They do not contain the Majestic anthem of our Lord “Holy, Holy, Holy”, nor do they contain the command of peace and stillness “Be still and know that I am God”, they even do not hint at the wondrous mystery of “I Am”, and yetContinue reading “Purposeful Piety”

Small Groups and Christian Thought

This weekend’s literature has primarily included a review of Wesleyan Small Group practices, Oswald Sanders’ Spiritual Discipleship, and the foundations of Christian Thought.  I am struck, as though by lightning, as I reflect upon what I have read yesterday and today regarding the nature of Christian Thought and Life. Of first importance is to acknowledgeContinue reading “Small Groups and Christian Thought”

Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work

God used a flat tire to teach me about leadership, action, and obedience. I changed my tire for the first time on the shoulder of I-35 heading north towards Dallas, Texas. I had spent the day at Liberty Hill Baptist Church for the 2021 Defending Your Faith conference. Matt Baker, a dear friend, and fellowContinue reading “Flat Tires, Adding Value, and Doing the Work”

The Christian’s Joy

Joy is something that has always been a rather elusive concept both cognitively and experientially for me. Cognitively it has always seemed that it was something that people experienced but couldn’t describe in any meaningful or conceptual manner, it seemed as though Joy was something limited to experiential reality and had no place in beingContinue reading “The Christian’s Joy”