Patience in Suffering

As you begin this time with God, allow yourself to be vulnerable to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  During this first reading, pay attention to the examples of patience that are listed in the passage, why would the be blessed for remaining steadfast? James 5:7-12 (ESV) 7 Be patient, therefore, brothers,<span class="footnote" data-fn="#fen-ESV-30345a" data-link="[a]\” style=\”box-sizing:Continue reading “Patience in Suffering”

The Story of the Early Church (Acts 1-2)

This article is the first segment on the book of Acts, over the course of the coming months I will carefully summarize the events, teachings, and modern positions, on each of the major sections of each chapter. This Article focuses on Chapters 1-2, it addresses the day of Pentecost and Peter\’s first Sermon. In thisContinue reading “The Story of the Early Church (Acts 1-2)”