Christ the Center of True Religion

I’ve often heard the token phrase that “Christianity is not a religion it’s a relationship.” However, I’ve often been quite perplexed by this phrase because it seems dismissive of the thought and articulation of the Christian Faith throughout Church History. Christianity begins with the ministry and life of Jesus Christ upon the foundation of theContinue reading “Christ the Center of True Religion”

Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond

Book Review JT Martin  Originally turned into Dr. Madison Grace for SYST 3073 OX at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary June 20, 2022 Blaising, Craig A., Kenneth L. Gentry Jr., and Robert B. Strimple. 1999. Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond. Edited by Stan N. Gundry and Darrell L. Bock. Zondervan Counterpoints Series. Grand Rapids,Continue reading “Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond”

Who is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person

Book Review JT Martin Originally turned into Dr. Madison Grace for SYST 3073 OX at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary June 24, 2022 Bibliographical Entry Yarnell, Malcolm B., and Heath A. Thomas. 2019. Who Is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic. 160 pp. $20.00 Biographical Sketch of the Author Dr. MalcomContinue reading “Who is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person”

The Distinct Obligations of a University Pastor

The Distinct Obligations of the University Pastor Youth Pastor, Young Adults Pastor, College Pastor, Campus Minister, and University Chaplain, these are the titles most frequently utilized to cover the branch of ministry in which undergraduate students may be typically located. However, there is little consideration of the varying undergraduate contexts that such a pastoral positionContinue reading “The Distinct Obligations of a University Pastor”

Thinking Through Turbulent Times In this episode on the In Step With God Podcast Doctors Matthew Wilson, Ben Voth, and Steve Long return to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine and Russia. I’m very thankful for the wisdom and information they brought to the table and am excited for the next few episodes digging into some particular componentsContinue reading “Thinking Through Turbulent Times”

Contemplating Charles Spurgeon

Originally submitted to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by the Author for the completion of an assignment.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon colloquially referred to as the “Prince of Preachers”, is an individual who needs little introduction. Head of a great number of organizations, including the Pastors College where he delivered the lectures recorded in Lectures to myContinue reading “Contemplating Charles Spurgeon”

Scripture, Holiness, and Ritual

This is a synthesis of my observations emanating from the contemplation of numerous texts over the past 12 months. The Foundation of Faith: Scriptures to be considered: 1 Corinthians 15; 2 Peter 1:1-4; Romans 8:1-11 The Death and Resurrection of Christ is the foundation of the Christian Religion. The task of the Disciple is notContinue reading “Scripture, Holiness, and Ritual”