Spirit of Early Christian Thought PT. 5

“Only by yielding to God and giving ourselves to the object of our search can we know the God we seek.”

This singular statement forces a pause for serious reflection. Located in the 4th chapter of Wilken’s work this statement conceptualizes a particularly interesting reality in the life of the Christian. We cannot master God, we cannot become experts on God, we can however submit to God’s mastery of us, His enduring and perfect expertise on us. We seek God when we read the scriptures, or at least I have become convinced that this ought to be our perspective when approaching God’s word. Why should any Christian approach God’s word with anything nearing clinical objectivity? The Word of God is the very Face of God, for now, of this I am convinced! Should we not seek His face intimately? With the subjectivity of one who is madly in love rather than as one so unaffected by compassion that we can approach as an impartial judge?

Let us yield to God, that we may come to know Him through our being known. What bride knows her Husband without being known by Him. Perhaps in our fear of being known by God we have merely degraded ourselves and become like stalkers, watching and looking for mere glimpses of God but too afraid to interact with Him. There is a radical intimacy in the writings of the early church, perhaps we need to reflect on why so few of our “scholars” and “theologians” lack the same passion and intimacy in their writing.

Let us be mastered by God. Let us yield to His mastery of us. Let us submit to His authority. Let us live as we are called.

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