Spirit of Early Christian Thought Pt. 3

In this installment of the series on Robert Wilken’s “The Spirit of Early Christian Thought, ” we will be exploring a key quote from chapter 2 which is titled: An Awesome and Unbloody Sacrifice.

“The Liturgy provided a kind of grammar of Christian speech, a key to how the words of the Bible are to be used.” pg. 43

This was one of three quotes, from chapter 2, that left a profound impact on me while reading Wilken’s book. And while he wasn’t addressing this topic when he wrote that line I think it is fitting to address what follows as a reflection on Wilken’s words.

Pastors, Parents, Leaders, Ministers, regardless of your level of authority, gender, education, maturity one thing is unavoidable. Your practice of faith sets the example of how the Bible can be used for those who look up to you.

To my fellow undershepherds, I would beg of you to let your words and actions model the right handling of the word of God we are called to, I pray that we do not model a usage of God’s word that denigrates or harms those whom God has called us to love.

Our habits in the pulpit and life ought to carry people toward a more careful and adorative posture when handling the word of God. But it seems that with increasing frequency that our example, at least in conservative evangelical political and progressive circles, leads to handling of the word of God that advocates the advance of specific particular ends rather than being focused on the pursuit of Christ and the maturity of the believer who is in our congregation or under out ministerial influence. I fear that scripture has ceased to be an Icon of Christ and has been reduced to a useful book for advocating specific worldview, and while Scripture demands certain worldview considerations it is so much more than a worldview textbook.

Let our liturgy reflect a proper grammar and usage of the Bible so that those whom Christ has entrusted us with are equipped to do every good work required of them.

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