On Latter Day Saints: A Reflection

On the weekend of September 11th 2021, I was fortunate enough to attend the Unapologetic Evangelism Conference put on by the Texas Baptists and hosted by Woodridge Baptist Church. While there I was able to learn several new things on which other entires will be written, but this entry is focused on what I have learned over the course of 3, almost 4, years studying Latter Day Saint Theology.

Of primary importance is that if Mormons are indeed Christian, all other Christians are by logical necessity not. This is for one reason, and one reason alone. The nature of God in LDS theology is not the same as the nature of God in Christian Theology. For more on this, I would suggest reading the Gospel Topics Essays on the corresponding topics available on the LDS home website: Godhead, God the Father, Jesus Christ Chosen as Savior, and Holy Ghost.

Setting that to the side I want to make a short but brutal observation: The notion that Latter Day Saint Theology is centered on a works based Gospel is overly simplified and horribly inaccurate.

LDS Theology on the Gospel is best represented by the following terms:
Universal reconciliation through the atonement of Christ on the Cross
Faith, proved and preserved, through repentance and righteous living is the method by which one is received into the Celestial Kingdom .
If all are saved, works are the point of focus for the Gospel, for by works we are known by Men and God to have had true faith and obedience.

The problems of LDS Theology are not fully represented by an examination of their Gospel, or their lifestyle. The problems are found be examining the philosophy they hold regarding God, and Christ. sure there are other points of disagreement, but the nature of the Godhead and the attributes of God.

Stay Tuned for a podcast episode with Scott Gordon on this very topic.

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