Who is JT, Why is he doing this?

I am a young professional working towards expertise in Historical Theology, Christian Apologetics, and Moral Philosophy. I am passionate about educating and encouraging curious Christians.

Why the new website?

 I realized that I needed to develop a more comprehensive and streamlined platform for my thoughts, research, and services. 

Why am I Passionate about reaching and developing leaders in my Generation?

  • If we don’t develop leaders who are passing the baton, how do we move forward?
  • The responsibility of every believer is to foster an atmosphere where Christians can grow closer to God and one another.
  • I feel called to mentor, encourage, and educate Christians as they become leaders in their homes, lives, and relationships.

This blog is a journal and contains opinions on pressing challenges and issues for the contemporary evangelical Christian.

Personal Statement of Faith

  • God is Gracious and Merciful: I don’t need to be bitter and critical, it poisons me and leads me to find reasons to condemn myself and others.
  • God is Sovereign and Faithful: I don’t need to be concerned for my future or emotional security because He is the author of my life and the foundation of my security.
  • God is Long-Suffering and Immutable: I don’t need to let my emotions dictate my relationships because Christ is in me and I am called to express Him instead of myself.
  • God is Loving and Holy: I don’t need to search for attention and affection from my fellow creatures because God provides all that I need and He has called me to be Holy as He is Holy which means not fitting in till I have arrived into the New Heaven and New Earth.

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