Friday Scripture Reflection: Jude

The Trinitarian aspect of the Christian life (1-2)

Jude, introduces himself as a servant of Christ and clarifies his audience as those who are called, loved, and kept. This is generally understood to be a formulaic way of expressing the role of the Trinity in the life of a Christian, specifically that Christians are called to certain actions throughout daily life, loved eternally by God, and through God and the Holy Spirit, guarded and kept for the Son.

The Purpose of the Letter (3-4)

The stated purpose of this letter is primarily concerned with the salvation that is shared by the author and the recipients, but the concern is focused on the need for the audience (all Christians) to contend, to fight, to fiercely contest for the prominence of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, crucified, raised, and eternally Lord of All. The reason Christians must proclaim and contest for the prominence of truth is that people who speak lies as truth have entered into the congregational community and they must be called out, their lies must be seen and confronted, so that within the Body of Christ, only the truth which is Jesus remains.

Destruction and imprisonment of those who deny God(5-7)

Jude goes on to provide an outline of the destruction and imprisonment that has already been dealt to angels, and people from history who openly defied and defiled the name and the truth of God with their words and actions.

The Peril of Natural Instinct (8-11)

The people who defile the name and truth of God, do so out of their very instinct and it is in this that all Christians must be wary of our own thoughts and actions because the instinct of our worldly body and mind is opposed to the calling and command of God which we receive through the indwelling of the Person of The Holy Spirit who lives within us, and the Words of God which we have in Scripture.

The Behavior of the Doomed (12-19)

Jude provides an outline of the behavior that those who are doomed practice, and while many of us are guilty in these ways throughout life, what separates us from the damned in the eyes of God, is that our souls bear the precious blood of Christ, through His death and Resurrection on the Cross.

Guidance for Christian Living (20-25)

Finally, Jude calls Christians to remember that we are saved so that we might lead others to our Savior, and it is in this that we prayerfully go about maturing in the faith, witnessing to those who do not yet have a relationship with Christ, and giving grace and mercy in equal measure to those who fall short of the commands of God, while also reminding them of the truth and hope of Jesus Christ. Encouraging one another to live as Christ through the Holy Spirit and His word called each and every one of us to live. 

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