Pentecost, A Reflection

Hey everyone this is different than the usual Friday reflection, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the value of Pentecost and what it means for modern Christians in the evangelical culture. 

The miracle of Pentecost, in short, is this: that the men and women who heard the apostles speak heard the words in a different language than the apostles were speaking, each person heard the message of the Gospel in their native language. But what does this teach us in a modern world? What can we learn from it?
The first thing I see as a lesson from this event, is that God helps us fulfill the great commision, which is to share the Gospel with all people. But how does God help us, the answer is given in the first letter written by Paul the Apostle to the Church in Corinth. Wherein he writes a description of the different gifts given to those who believe in Christ, and that the gifts are given for the common good.
The second lesson I see is that the most effective way to share the Gospel is to speak to the person in their own language. Language is much larger than just spoken words, it is culture, social etiquette, and many other things. One of the largest things that the body of Christ can do is endeavor to understand all people not only in the words they speak, but in the culture they come from. You cannot successfully share the Gospel with a caucasian-conservative-southern-agnostic, the same way that you share the Gospel with a hispanic-liberal-midwestern-atheist. 
The third lesson I find within the biblical account of Pentecost, is that mockery and persecution come when speaking the name of Christ and sharing the Gospel.
these are just my thoughts and the lessons that I see in the text, read Acts 2 for yourself and maybe you\’ll see things that I don\’t. please share what you learn in the comments if you are comfortable. 

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