Worship and value

Psalm 34: 2 is the cornerstone of worship, to \”…glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice\” the Hebrew for afflicted in this verse is also commonly translated to the humble, this difference in translation begins to paint the picture of celebration that occurs when one individual begins to glorify God with worship. The Hebrew for glory in this passage means to shine, so when a human, being the image of God created with a purpose to bring Glory and honor to God begins to shine with even a glimmer of God\’s beauty and grace, most Christians have seen this shine at one point or another, typically in some sort of worship gathering. As one draws nearer to our father, one begins to shine, one\’s life begins to become a constant act of worship and reverence. It is this constant praising through life that sparks the celebration and joyful reverence of God. 
Something that is convicting and hard to grasp within the heart, is that our value is in no way affected by what we do, who we surround ourselves with, how others perceive us, or how we choose to live. Our value is infinitely located and described by the utter magnificence of God in his act of creation and love. Our value is found at the cross where Christ, bleeding, and tortured said \”it is finished\”, Where Christ took all our shame and guilt, and sin and accepted the penalty for our imperfection. That moment is where we find our value. Not our jobs, not our titles, or accolades, everything but the adoration and submission to God is vanity. Ponder this: everything but the submission to and adoration of God is vanity. 

It is in the moments when our hearts accept the vanity of life that we begin to live a life that praises God in every breath. Many of us understand this mentally, but when it comes to our hearts we deny and push back against this understanding because we want to control our value, we want to take ownership of our lives. The best life a Human can live is the one where it is accepted that God controls and has ownership of the value of our lives.

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